Monday, April 26, 2010

Rabbits for Meat and Fur

Here is some of the photos I have taken throughout the beginning of my rabbit adventures. Got my girls in January (believe they are Cinnamon and Rex), bred them at 5 months with a 6 month male Californian (March 1st). Litters of 6 and 7 were born on the same night, March 31st: rainy but warm. The hutch was built with scrap lumber and is based on a plan from the University of North Dakota Extension.


Anonymous said...

I love your rabbit hutch. What are the dimensions? I want to build one just like it.

Kaija said...

The dimensions are based on the easiest cuts of 8ft 2x4's, so 8'x2' I believe. If you have large rabbits or are considering breeding and keeping multiple offspring in one, you might add more depth. I did find that once I had litters I needed a larger amount of grain and changed out the bottom hay manger to a grain storage/dispenser. Also, this is VERY heavy. It might be the metal on the back walls but consider the weight if you plan on moving the hutch at any point, which I had to do twice using an ATV.