Monday, August 30, 2010

Predator Update: SKUNK

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Northern Harrier Hunting my Chickens
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A Lone Coyote Attacks in Daylight

Last night I finally had all The Sims 3 and EPs installed and was happily playing yet knew in the back of my mind that I had not closed the chick box.  When I went out to check before complete nightfall, a few broilers were still searching for crumbles and I let them be.  I watched the light diminish from my window but was reluctant to leave my precious game.

Guido, my pitmix, started sniffing frantically and my love went out to check the situation.  I will never forget the way in which he beckoned my name. I ran to hear that the skunk was at the very moment ATTACKING! No shoes I lept outside and saw this striped fellow. "I will get you" I thought to myself. Grabbed the closest bucket, dumped the water and ran at that, oh SO smelly creature. Got him.

What to do, what to do... we ponder. BURN THE SKUNK! No, no that wont work, (visions of me tossing a skunk in a barrel of fire). "We have covers to those buckets! Some conveniently with a small hole from syrup collecting! It's on! Drown the infidel!" Persistent skunk had tried to burrow his way under that bucket in just the few minutes we had pondered.  Sliding the lid under the skunk and bucket proved almost a release but we finally managed and turned that lidded bucket over.

OH THE SMELL! I killed natures will that night but one of my 2-3 week old barred rocks is feeling the pain.  Heavy breathing, possibly a broken leg and lacerations.  I couldn’t bear chopping putting it down without its neck being broken and chirping at me the way it was.  So hydrogen peroxide (ouch) and bacitracin and she is alive this morning and even woke to drink some water. Check out this amazingly recovered chicken named Skunk ;)


Otto Kemppainen said...
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Otto Kemppainen said...

Wow... I would've never thought that a skunk would go and assault the poor chicken. :d But nice job getting her fixed up!