Monday, June 27, 2011

JP Pest Services breeched our Contract!

I woke up this morning hearing a spraying sound.  Knowing JP Pest Services was shedualled to apply a "green" product that involves rosemary and peppermint I wasn't not that concerned. 

I should have been VERY CONCERNED!

JP Pest Services had again miss-communicated from their central office.  Clearly breeching our  contract with no excuse except they didn't write down "green" next to the service for today; they sprayed our house with deadly pesticides. 

So this guy, working this job two years, when asked what he was spraying did not know what was in the product only the brand name (Temprid TM SC).  So we read with our own eyes on the bottle he posessed that he sprayed the  insecticides imidacloprid and imidazolidinimine.  The very same products banned in Europe because of connections to the bee colony collapse

More on this soon but I am now trying to figure out WHAT THE F*** DO I DO!?...


Anonymous said...

Honey, You will be absolutely fine... There is only .25oz of Temprid in a gallon of solution and with sunlight, rain etc it will only be on your house for a week. Its toxic and deadly to humans only if misused. To pay somone to spray your house with natural oils is and absolute waste of money!!
--Professional Exterminator--

Kaija said...

Dear anonymous "professional exterminator", if the product would only be on my house for a week, then why would it be applied as a “preventative” pesticide? Sounds like misuse according to you then. Also sounds like this product, not natural oils, is the complete waste of money.

By the way, this “exterminator” applied this product while I was sleeping and if I had not woken up while he was there, the first things I do in the morning is go outside to the perimeter of my house where buckets catch rainwater for my animals. This person did not remove anything from the area before he sprayed and therefore contaminated water and surfaces I would have touched while possibly still wet. Also, the label says “harmful is swallowed” and my dogs and birds DRINK this water.

I’m not necessarily worried about my health but that of the bees, chickens and wetlands I own. The applicator sprayed directly onto blooming perennials which the label states “This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops if bees are visiting the treatment area.”
Maybe he should have read the label. As well we have very shallow groundwater, which helps aid in drift and runoff, which the label also states is a contaminating problem. BTW, my wetlands and vegetable garden are below my house.

As well, I run an organic garden and poultry business and since JP Pest decided to breech my contract I am no longer considered organic and have therefore lost all profits. I have a right to run my own business my way, and that right was clearly taken away.

Glad to see JP searches the web for their company and then sends “anonymous” to comment and back them up. It was a breech of contract not a battle of opinion.