Saturday, November 27, 2010

Northern Harrier Hunting my Chickens

Last month I had the chance to take photos of this bird casually flying to land within 20 feet of me near my chicken coop. The census around here is that this bird is an immature Northern Harrier.  Endangered notheless, I watched with honor.  This month we have now witnessed what may be a mature relative of this young bird.  With a steel gray back and hood it is truly a site to behold.  Hopefully I will catch some shots soon, this Harrier is a relentless hunter and swoops down low into forest terrain.

This bird flew onto our house roof right above one of our dogs.  I could see it turning it's head to look down and ponder the situation.  Funny thing was, then it flew to the other side of the house and perched in this tree right above my other dog.  It seems to have taken a good look at the situation.

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