Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini Part 3: Mini Removed, Yota needs Help

1984 Mini Cruiser Restoration: Part One Purchase and First Look
Mini Cruiser Restoration: Part 2 Delamination and Demolition
Yesterday, finally, we removed the entire fungied trailer that sat saggy on the bed of our dually.  We worked in rain unscrewing and unsticking the roof from the aluminum framing.  It seems back in the 90's this RV was professionally half re-roofed and remodeled.  Glue, square head screws, paste, caulking that melts Styrofoam... the works held this baby together.  And now, it's all headed to the dump. All that we kept is the framing, the least corroded pieces of aluminum sheeting, the windows, the fiberglass shower stall and toilet.

Visions of wood grain walls, with fiberglass roof and side skirts flash behind my eyes.  Quadruple polyurethane floors comfort my toes, while the crash of waves wafts in the screens windows that separate us from the greenheads.  I blink to see this little Toyota, with it’s cab chopped off, waiting for some tender loving… grinding, rust proofing, a gasket, shocks, ball joints, muffler and new front tires. Does it need more? Probably but I’m determined. 

So I suppose the next update on this project will be truck repair related and will be straight forward and good news! !    !   As far as what the RV part will actually be made of… we’re still discussing the options.  In the meantime, entertain yourself with this original RBR Brochure.  Sorry the images are cut off but I did not take the photos.


Chris said...

How did this project turn out?

Kaija said...

Hey Chris, after removing the entire RV section and procrastinating for a winter, on my way to work one day, I happened across a 1987 Toy Conquest with 29,877 original miles. I ended up junking the Mini which we called ‘Rustafarian’ with spongy floor, corroded aluminum wall supports, much missing in the dash and obviously a lot of rust, it wasn’t worth it. The Conquest on the other hand, in beautiful condition with a mint undercoating still intact and a new coat of rubber roof, I could not pass up. Sorry to be no help in any project you may be undertaking but the Mini, sadly, had been left to rust and rot for far too long by the previous owner.