Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GMO Crops: Organic Associations are Pissed

BAD BIG INDUSTRY! How dare you throw you money around to overpower us AGAIN!

If you didn’t read my last few posts about organics and GE products, read them, the medical and scientific research is undeniable. Although Monsanto and Dow will take a lawyer to them and refute anything.

GMO products threaten organics by cross pollinating, thereby making them un-registerable as organic but will also create the need for more Roundup.

Roundup is not benign and it is not safe. As well, GMO products are now being linked to bee colony collapse.

Pesticides do not work long term.Eventually the pests become resistant and so companies had to genetically modify plants so they couldn’t resist chemical killers. How about we try a different route rather than relying on chemicals and the fossil fuels that make them.

So are you going to make a stand with the rest of the concerned organic citizens? We need to protect our heritage crops as well as the health of our land and creatures who populate it, including US!


Check out Robynn Shrader's list of 4 things you can do to defend against GMO alfalfa
Including donating to the  Center for Food Safetly so they can combat the ruling in court.
By signing a petition or writing Obama a letter from the
Organic Trade Association

Also sign up for the
Millions against Monsanto effort from the Organic Consumers Association
to make our large grocers label which food contains GE and Factory Farmed Animals.

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