Friday, December 10, 2010

Fox and Rabbit

This morning I woke up to that painful sound of a screaching rabbit. Look out the window and see a large tail sweeping behind the chicken waterer.  FOX and tell the man, get the camera... Here are some shots for you.  I need a new camera and a better lens as can be told by the photos but what can I do?


I believe what luered this fox here is the fact that I recently released a rabbit into the yard which was injured by another rabbit.  The rabbit has stayed close by this week and left his scent everywhere.

Foxy tried to attack a rabbit in a cage on the ground and was not amused.  He/she sat briefly to ponder why I would wrap his meal in such a device.

He then came over to the house to look inside and check out our woodshed where my recently released rabbit has been hanging around.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like the fox hasn't missed too many meals and is planning a nice rabbit dinner soon. What a beauty - nice photographs too.