Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chicks First Dust Bath

These little ones and mama had been fenced in for about a week by this time and I saw all my mature chickens taking a bath and decided to give these ones a tub. I simply mixed dirt from under my porch and ash from my wood stove in a cement tub. Pulled out the rocks and wood chunks and placed it in the pen. 

Mama walked over to take a look but looked displeased at the quality.  Sometimes I see my chickens bathing in dark nutrient rich soil, other times the sandy driveway, not sure if it's for different purposes.
A one month old roo knew exactly what it was, jumped in, lay down and started kicking.   One by one each sibling was bathing and Mama's interest was finally gained.  She hopped in and even had some day olds looking over the edge of the tub at the fun of bathtime.

chickbathtime3 Check out these chicks as little fuzzwads on their first outing and at 2 weeks.

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joe said...

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