Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Currently on the Farm

There is a grey fox chasing my chickens in herds across my lawn!  This fox has some fear of me and my hissing noises but will run between our house and garage to chase my feathered friends while we are less than 20feet away!  From the coyotes, hawks, mink, red fox and now this absolutely gorgeous grey fox, my flock is dwindling. 

As well, all my chikens decided July was the time to molt and I had not had eggs for weeks until a few days ago.  Thank goodness they started laying because we resorted to buying local eggs... from chickens which when I asked why they are not on any grass to free range... the answer was they are kept in a building to keep them free from the neighbors' chemicals?!   So I'm guessing a pretty bland life on shavings and whichever layer pellet is the cheapest.

Our Toyota Mini-Cruiser is in the shop for expensive (to me) frame rust repairs.  We ripped out most of the interior and can not wait to get her roofed, walled and waterproofed.

Next week we are headed out of state to spend as much time as possible on the ocean's edge. Have fun with the chickens and fox ma!

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