Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barred Rock injured by Skunk, is a Male???

This chicken was attacked by a skunk.  Here's the story.

Skunk, as he is now named by his fate, fully recovered, fully feathered and now, seems to be a male! Latest photo below.

I thought I paid for a rainbow female production pack Meyer Hatchery! Oh well, barred genes for my herd! Here's the latest photos of skunk.

9/02/10 Yesterday the barred rock (needs a name) stood to eat and stood to great me when I approached. Also, her appetite was increased much.

Today, she was up before me and chirping for breakfast. She even tried to scratch the bedding searching for food! She is cleaning all her matted feathers and wounds. What a brave girl! Glad I had hope. I'll keep her inside for another week and maybe by then she'll be good as new.

8/31/10 The barred rock that was injured by the skunk is still alive and showing some improvements. 2 days now and she has been drinking plenty, pooping fine and this morning had a small apetite. I do fear that her leg is broken because she does not prefer to stand. She had her head tucked when sleeping this morning, instead of the chick sleeping position with the head in the ground, which was plesent to see.


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