Monday, June 21, 2010

Pesticide Free Playground for Children in NH?

Unlikely with the committee unconvinced that it is any concern of the state.

I have researched day and night as to how pesticides affect those who use and are exposed to it. New Hampshire voted on a change that will allow more research of pesticides and hopefully keep them away from schools, playgrounds and areas where children congregate. Much research has been done by universities and medical facilities that suggest pesticides are the reason ADD, autism, CANCER and many more diseases are on the rise in the past 20-30 years.

Look it up you'll be amazed. Not to mention the DOLPHINS, they're killing the dolphins! :P

Learn more about why you should be concerned at The Leah Collective
Check out House Bill #1456 – AS INTRODUCED

Pesticide Information Profiles (PIPs)
Audubon Society
Pediatrics Publications

Check out my followup post.  New Hampshire House Bill-495 Healthy Lawns, Healthy Kids

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