Saturday, June 5, 2010

a Poem from the Past

November 6, 2007

Never Ending Ocean

Although immediately flown too far to come again,
You remain my butterfly.
Especially with wings torn by wicked weather and gossip
You are content grounded elsewhere.

I dismissed chains before just consideration
And you soared to imaginable independence,
To sharp and petty indulgence
To passionate and devoted mountain peaks,
Desperate and impaired valley basins.

With such little remorse desire came in tow.
And still you are the deepest.
Laying out wings of brilliant display
Urging me never to forget.

Distant memories of long conversations
Dribble pass my mind
And your brilliant face lingers each day.
Your body is a nightmare,
Haunting, but never actual.

You float through my energy
As if cursed to trigger disgust.
And look upon my features as though
not made enough for your taste.
My body, though causing you no lust,
Trembles for a wing-stroke.

I wish to cross your waters again
To your divine taste and body.
My aching hearts throbs with anticipation each time we meet
But you fly even higher then.

To touch your brilliance would cause madness
And to receive flocking words would drown my heaving lungs.
Not with insanity do I ponder your being
But with profound passion and lust for a soul long desired.

Immense doubt teaches me your lack of interest
And it seems I should be subdued.
But still I am drawn to your person.
And though it causes another step back
I can not trust myself to disregard your energy.

You draw me in from a menacing distance
Craving that single moment
And perhaps I have missed it by now
But my heart leaves you the deepest cavern
Even with your most harsh rejection.

When it seems I am restrained
One enduring heartthrob causes a whirlwind of pornography
And I am once again yearning for a link
To this unconventional hope.

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