Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot and Sour Soup

I had this urge for a Chinese style Hot and Sour soup and it took me no longer than an hour to find suitable recipes/ingredients and eat it. Also to mention: I substituted almost every vegetable and many seasonings!

Here is where I got my recipe ideas:

Suggested Ingredients:
Pork, chicken or tofu
Wood/tree ear mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms or any mushrooms
Bamboo shoots (sliced cabbage also works, especially the hard spine)
Lily buds (sliced) (substitute 1 celery stalk if out of season)
2 eggs

4c. broth, beef or chicken
2TB red wine vinegar (or 1TB red wine, 1TB white vinegar)
1TB soy sauce
1 ½ tsp sugar, agave or honey
1 tsp seasalt
2 TB peanut oil
2 tsp sesame oil
~1TB Lemon juice (about 1/8 of the whole lemon)
1 ½ TB cornstarch
1 ½ tsp white pepper (substitute for black pepper)
½ tsp red pepper flakes

scallions (purple onion works too)


1  Sauté meat and vegetables in butter or oil with a bit of water to get the cabbage softening.
2  Add broth. Bring to boil.
3  Mix together vinegar, wine, soy sauce, lemon juice, peanut oil, sugar and salt.
4  Add vinegar mixture to soup. Bring to boil.
5  Make corn starch rue.  Stir into soup. Bring to Boil.
6  Beat eggs with ½ tsp sesame oil.
Pour eggs into soup as a slow stream while stirring in one direction. This was truly an interesting sight with the soup simmering nicely, the egg almost instantly turns into cooked shreds or something similar.
7  Stir in red and white pepper and 1 tsp sesame oil. *Add 1TB dried cilantro now, if you do not have fresh.
8  Put in serving bowl. Sprinkle with scallion and fresh cilantro.

AMAZING and oh so SPICY!

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