Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homemade yogurt. The way YOU made it...

The yeast, not doing anything. Cleaned out the jar, restarted with warm water and more than a few granules of yeast and slow feeding (every 12hrs when i remember) white granulated sugar. Looks like a milky floating film for now...

Instead, I tried something similar. Maybe it's similar, bacteria right?     Probiotics!

The recipe I actually copied to text seems to be
Homemade Yoghurt by Crystal Miller

When I searched google for "I raise Nubian goats and use my own goat milk" I found it...

The recipe was based on 8 cups of milk with 1/2 cup of starter bacteria.

I read the amount of milk makes the same amount of yogurt and I wanted to use tasty Greek yogurt. My Chobani Greek yogurt container holds 32oz so I made the 4cups and used 1/4 starter.

Now the yogurt tastes like Greek yogurt no doubt; but is thin, watery almost. Author Miller also suggests powdered milk "this is optional but will make a thicker yogurt". I am reluctant to try this because: again it cost money to buy anything. So I reheated it to 110 (twice), even added more yogurt. Now it is even more bitter, a perfect amount to taste actually, but no thicker.

I'll figure it out.

Actually I did figure it out.  When left to settle in the fridge and with fast cooling the yogurt thickened. yay!

Measure milk per container(s).
Bring milk to 185F.
Cool to 110F. [Cultures are inactive below 95F and die above 120F.]
Add pre-maid yogurt as a bacteria starter.
Incubate in a preheated place for 7+ hours: depending on preference of bacteria amount and intensity.
Flavour to preference, ;) Refrigerate and enjoy.
-This growth process produces some type of gas expansion and does not allow for a tight fitting lid, so do not.

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