Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing The 2011 Flock

The herd, oh the wondeful, colorful and endlessly fun herd. If you haven't seen my other posts...  I started with a dozen sexlinks and 1 black silkie roo, had them a year (6 remaining), two hens went broody, and 6 offspring (including a son from each rooster) survived to tell their tale. Year 2, I ordered multiple female chicks to add to the second generation including goldens, rhode island reds and barred rocks. I kept 7 (sold the rest as pullets) of the 7  includes a Roo that miraculously changed sex after being attacked by a skunk. So, I introduce to you, my current flock who will hopefully give me as interesting and colorful offspring as last year did.

I am very interested in color genetics of chickens, and any animal to be truthful.  Roosters pass two sets of genes while hens pass only one.  Therefore, feather color of offspring are quite interesting.  It will only get harder for me to know who is related to who as the herd progresses. My mission, make an amazing chicken breed.

"Big White", my original rooster: huge and friendly... to me at least.
Big White's "Big Golden" Daughter! Who is bigger than everyone else.

"Broody Mama" believed mother of Big Golden girl.

"Lil Black" my silky bantam Rooster

"Lil Black Hen" Lil Black's daughter, showing their true colors!
Black Hen showing off her fro and best friend "Delaware" who present the obvious sexlink breeding using a Delaware
Delaware and Black hen during adolescence
"White Hen" daughter of Big White
In back "Roo" Big White's son, Front left "Roo Too" Lil Black's son, and on the right "Goldy Locks"

Roo and      Skunk: my barred rock roo
Young Roo

Young Skunk
Skunk's barred hackle is hypnotizing!

Golden #2, not so golden
Left: Big Golden, Back Right: Rhode Island Red #1, and Goldy Locks

Rhode Island Red #2, showing true RIR colors and flirting with Big white
My barred rock girls, quiet and approachable

Roo Too, Big golden and a Barred Rock, still with amazing eyes

Back: Black Hen, Front Left: Roo Too, Right: Delaware

Oh how they grow so fast!


Anonymous said...

you have chickens!!

Kaija said...

Yes, thanks for the news flash. It was 50F today, so we put 4 more broilers in the freezer! 9 to go!

Anonymous said...

you should put your freezer in the broiler.

thats a lot of images on one page.. 56k warning!!