Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Growing Up Chicken

Check out Hatching Chicks with Broody Hens to see these chicks at one day old.  Also see pictures of their first outing, at 2 weeks, their first dust bath and trying to determine their sex.

I have had two chicks stolen. One by an ermine which I saw attacking my bantam rooster! I haven't seen this weasel for a few years now and never in its summer color. Very gorgeous. The second chick which had become injured and was limping proved an easy target for what I believe was an immature Northern Harrier. That darn hawk circles almost out of plain eye view most of the time.

Anyway here are photos of first outing an then some.
The paint horse loved to shoo away these chickens.
I lost this striped one here which had been the only one I named "Mr. Stripey" gone.. gone...


One proud father.
The black ones are Silky Bantam cross Golden Sexlink. Little Black, as I call him lost quite a bit of feathers when attacked by the mink while crossing our wetlands. Coop in the background...





They are "so cunning" as my Mummi said to me.

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