Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Hatch of 2011

**4 chicks as of April 08, and as a facebook friend said "That's one less egg to eat :)"
2011 First Hatch Update
This hatch is from April, in August she is at it again, Hats Off to My Broody Hen: a Two Hatch Wonder.

OK, so this hen had decided to roost in a nest box about 3feet off the ground.  Needless to say, the night before hatch date I moved her and her precious eggs inside my moveable Aframe.  Cozy and covered with hay, she settled down like a good mom.

Only 2 chicks that I have seen so far.  I am worried the other eggs are behind schedule because other hens kept laying eggs in her nest when she got off to stretch these past few weeks and I did not notice the first week.  Even though I candled to make sure the right ones stayed in there... who knows.  I have been handfeeding her in her nest all along (because she left her nest at noon time not feeding time) and haven't stopped now, so maybe she will stay settled until the rest hatch, otherwise I'll make a ghetto incubator and hope for the best!


Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Kaija said...

Thanks! There are 4 now. One has feathered legs!