Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Lone Coyote Attacks in Daylight

Is is weird for a coyote to attack in daylight? 9AM to be exact. Is it also weird the coyote was alone? Should I be worried about rabies?

Luckily my many roosters sounded the alarm and I witnessed a rather large coyote standing on my lawn. The coyote ran into the woods when he saw me. So I began sounding my chicken call and many came running. But the coyote ran right back out onto the lawn in a matter of seconds. So I grabbed a stick and ran at him swinging it over my head and yelling. Whatever, it scared him off.


Then I saw a white chicken running the opposite way of me in-spite of my incessant chicken calling. Around the pond, down the driveway and up the street this chicken went. Very confused I started towards my shocked chicken. Behold a trail of Big White's feathers. Rather, his whole tail seemed to be laid out on the dew covered grass blades.


I saw him down the street ducking into tall grass. When I arrived at his side he bucked softly and must have been in shock to show such extra politeness and slow motion. So I talked calmly to him and carried him back for a snack with his best buddy.

Big White wont be wagging any tail feathers for a while!

Time to fence in the chickens... with a meal so close to being had that coyote will be back.

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